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What kind of vulnerabilities is detected by BullGuard’s Home Network Scanner?

Smart devices become clever, but they still lack security, they leave the network that is connected to the attack. The BullGuard Home Network scanner assures the encryption level of your Wi-Fi, complete the devices connected to your network. Checks and indicates which external ports open which makes your network sensitive to hackers. Open ports can easily be exploited to break the network and compromise your data, payment information, username, password and compromise with it. While an external open port is not necessary that your system has already been compromised, it makes you more susceptible to attack Hackers is normally normal looking for open ports to scan automatic port.

In addition, some smart devices such as surveillance cameras or child monitors may have web interfaces which can easily use only one IP address without requiring any username or password. The Bulldog Home Network scanner recognizes those devices and exposes their web interface so that users can take the necessary precautions.

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