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How do I stop AVG from blocking a program?

You should know that AVG command line users can easily run antivirus scans using the command prompt or customized scripts. This is a known fact that AVG manufacturers have presented one of the most required products for all the operating systems so that they can limit the cyber frauds day by day. If you want to know more, you can take help from the tech representatives at AVG Phone Number UK for easy assistance.

You just follow the steps as prescribed below:

• At first, you should select the AVG scan particularly for your system needs.

• And then, input the command prompt carefully.

• Now, click on the window start option and run the program.

• Thereafter, input cmd and press enter.

• And then proceed towards the AVG installation directory.

• Just SCAN to specify which area of the computer should be scanned according to you.

• And then start the scan and press enter.

• During scanning you should also stop the process by pressing Control and C simultaneously.

This will help in making your device functional and you won’t need any other thing. But if the issue is not resolved yet, you will need any other method to fix it. You can talk to the technical personalities available at AVG Phone Number UK 0808-281-8685 (Toll-Free) for effective support in the shortest time possible. The experts will handle your every problem with the effective method and you won’t feel regret calling them.

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