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What is the way to run Avast security at startup?

Although, we know very well that Antivirus solutions are always needed for various security initials in the due course of system protection. And we also know that it give a chance of full protection against viruses including the capability of protecting system’s files and folders. The active boot time scan is really a helpful scan. Avast starts functioning when you boot your system before any other programs load. But this is also true that Avast does not run at startup as a default. But it is possible that you can configure it to do so from within the Avast user interface.

 Follow the boot time scan for resolving the problem in the short steps:

• You need to open the Avast user interface and click the Security tab thereafter.

• Now click on Antivirus from the menu on the left side of the interface. And what you see is Scan Now section opens on the pane on the right side of the interface.

• You have to Scroll to the Boot-time Scan part that can be seen at the bottom of the Scan Now part.

• And then click on the Schedule Now button, what you see that Avast runs a scan immediately on startup after restarting the system.

If you have any such query, call at Avast Customer Care Number UK @ 0808-281-8685 (Toll-Free) and everything will get resolved right after that.

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